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Grow the Conservation Council of Nations

ICCF is building a collaborative network of partners that can be developed into valuable bilateral and multilateral partnerships to address issues of good natural resource management and for a wide variety of other purposes.

Foster relationships and promote inter-parliamentary dialogue and consensus building

We envision many opportunities for partner nations to interact with the best environmental NGOs and multinational corporations interested in conservation and sustainability through market-oriented solutions.

Develop international conservation policy exchange forums

Integrate foreign leaders into ICCF field missions involving U.S. Representatives and Senators and other policy leaders and high-level staff, and reciprocally help foreign leaders to participate in and inform U.S. policymakers through ICCF’s Congressional Briefing Series.

Share our vision

Move beyond issues of energy and climate, species, and habitat to incorporate aspects such as economic development and food production and security. Spotlight the need for institution and capacity building on an inter-governmental level to address these issues.

Expand mentoring capacity

Increase the number of Members of the U.S. Congress and foreign leaders working within the Conservation Council of Nations to continue to build conservation caucuses in foreign countries, both developed and developing.

Guide the formation of conservation caucuses in developing nations

The Conservation Council of Nations will target countries in developing nations to assist in forming conservation caucuses within their legislatures, guided by the model of the U.S. House and Senate ICCs and the ICCs forming in other countries.





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