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Conservation Council of Nations is building the world's strongest network of policymakers, corporations, and NGOs to promote the efficient and beneficial use of natural resources and effective transnational conservation solutions, including through its Natural Resource Wealth Management™ program and initiatives.

The Conservation Council of Nations is driving transnational market-oriented conservation solutions through:

  • a powerful world-wide network of policymakers
  • on-the-ground capacity building initiatives in the developing world
  • energetic partnerships between governments, NGOs, and corporations

The CCN is organizing a powerful global network of partner nations to establish and foster relationships with ICCF’s strong base of partners and government leaders and to build consensus on issues relating to good natural resource management and its links to poverty alleviation, sustainable economic development, and conflict avoidance. Working with the leadership of the International Conservation Caucuses in the United States Congress, through CCN partner embassies in Washington and with their parliaments at home, and relying on the strength and diversity of ICCF’s broad partner base, the CCN has an unprecedented opportunity to become an active global force in conservation.

Recognizing that there is far too little inter-parliamentary networking and collaboration on regional and global conservation issues, ICCF – which has a history of achieving nonpartisan consensus on conservation issues within the United States Congress – will work with the CCN and its partner nations to create and expand  inter-parliamentary dialogue on critical conservation issues on a bilateral and multilateral basis and to assist Council nations in developing and supporting conservation “caucuses” within their own congresses and parliaments.

We envision the CCN as a collaboration of like-minded diplomatic and legislative leaders that will advance a “good stewardship” agenda while bringing nations and national leaders together informally to build personal bonds between leaders that will transcend nations and party politics to achieve ambitious goals together.





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