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In Washington, DC and around the world, the CCN is bringing together policymakers and conservation professionals to tackle today's most pressing natural resources challenges. We bring leaders from every sector together at our DC-based Briefing Series, Interparliamentary Conferences, and Roundtables to encourage the sharing of ideas and best practices.

The Conservation Council of Nations:
  • Acts as an interlocutor between country member representatives, ICCF corporate and NGO partners, members of the International Conservation Caucuses in the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate, other Members of Congress, and the U.S. Administration.

  • Fosters inter-parliamentary interaction to build consensus on conservation and sustainability issues.

  • Coordinates missions from Council nations to the United States, as well as U.S. Congressional Member and Staff missions to Council nations. These educational field missions lead policymakers to examine threats to parks and other protected areas and means of addressing community needs, and thereby fuels the creation and support of a comprehensive approach to conservation, education, and sustainable development across Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

  • Hosts educational programs for U.S. and parliamentary audiences based on Conservation Council of Nations prioritization of issues and include Council nation representatives in ICCF’s full range of U.S. Congressional programs and events in Washington.

  • Organizes annual inter-parliamentary anchor events in alternating locations, at times scheduled around other relevant events (for example, international conservation summits).

  • Assists Council nations in developing parliamentary conservation caucuses.

  • Disseminates a regular, electronic newsletter with Council updates.

Educational Programs

The CCN's Congressional Briefing Series brings experts to the Hill every few months to educate Senators, Congressmen, and senior congressional staff on the challenges and successes in global conservation. Visit the page for more information on our recent briefings.

INTERPARLIAMENTARY DIALOGUES Our interparliamentary conferences bring together legislators from around the world to discuss good policies and best practices in promoted in our Natural Resource Wealth Management™ initiatives. By providing policymakers with the opportunities to share their experience with one another, we're laying the groundwork for conservation across borders.

Washington is a hub of international dialogue. When foreign delegations visit the district, we're there to provide access to some of the country's top legislators and corporate leaders. Over breakfast, lunch, dinner, or coffee, the CCN creates intimate gatherings of powerful individuals to discuss natural resource wealth management.

On-the-Ground Solutions

The International Conservation Corps harnesses the vast potential of readily available human capital to provide on-the-ground solutions.
Veteran conservation professionals are hand selected to transfer the knowledge, experience, and best practices needed by partner nations to address host-country priority conservation needs. The International Conservation Corps selects from an elite class of skilled workers to form the most effective volunteer mechanism for international assistance.

Project teams are anchored by professionals with extensive experience operating at senior and local community levels, and are designed to sustain mentoring relationships with local partners over the long term.

CCN’s engagement of international policymakers guarantees that top-level leaders maintain support for natural resource solutions.





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